Trading Status

Time to dive into what a trading status is (or isn’t)

As a business, you are generally expected to be able to to offer goods or services to a customer.
COVID19 2020 changed the landscape overnight, where one day you were open and then two days later you were temporarily closed for the next month.

During this time for those that meet the Govt criteria, you could be Open with Restrictions, where you could sell something in a certain way or for some businesses they could be fully Open with fewer restrictions because their business is an essential service or product.

Fair? Scary? Confusing? – we all went through this as business owners, employees and consumers. It was not a fun time and not easy for some we know. (yet we had some good time off from the norm to 1. stress, 2. relax and 3.hopefully recharge and then 4. stress a bit more as we returned to a new way) has four levels of a Trading Status. There are 3 you know and 1 we didn’t tell you about until now.

  1. Open,
  2. Open with Restrictions
  3. Temporarily Closed &
  4. Closed for good.

We only communicated the first three because the 4th (Closed for Good) is more on the negative side than the positive. To be Closed for Good, would mean that we unlist your business from the App. 🙁

Because every business type, product and services are different. We decided it was best not to have multiple levels of a trading status over 27 sub-levels of whatever restrictions apply to every type of business. (See how complicated that could have become)

Therefore we made it generic and kept it simple. 

1. Open 

Means, you have no restrictions in your business. By restrictions, we mean no Covid19 associated restrictions. Think back a few months to early 2020, when Covid19 did not affect your business. That is Open. (Yes those great ole Glory Days!)

2. Open with Restrictions.

Means you are Open to sell your products and services but there are some restrictions on how that happens. It is not bad to have this status and by all rights at the time of this post, every business trading is still doing so with restrictions. You are there to sell, but now there are Govt mandated C19 rules to apply to your business practice.

We think it is important to be clear to your customers that they may expect some restrictions when they deal with your business. It keeps them safe and you safe if they know they have to… wash/sanitise their hands, register by CHECKIN-19 and keep some distance while in your store.

3. Temporarily Closed

Unable to trade due to the nature of your business products / services (or by Govt instruction, for example, Level 4 or 3) but you intend to Open with Restrictions or Open in the not to distance future when you can sell your goods and services. 

4. Closed for good.

Your business is no longer able to operate and has ceased trading.

To conclude. 

In our design we set the 4 standards for Trading Status as outlined above. However, we will leave it up to the business owners to decide what Trading Status suits their own business from the 3…4 types we offer.

Just be aware as time goes by, we are wondering if the current “Open with Restrictions” may become the new normal for “Open”. 

Our design team will revisit this later when the time comes.